The Best Way To Drive Traffic And Gain Prospects Using Videos

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Variety is the spice of life.  This is especially true in the rapidly changing world of Internet marketing.  If online success is not pounding down your door, it might be time to shake things up a bit.  Adding videos to your site could be the boost your online business needs to climb above the crowd.  Videos are the powerhouse of online advertising.

The online marketing field is littered with spammers and relatively worthless sites.  There are also a lot of sites that are trying to capture the same visitors as you.  It is a constant challenge to make your site stand out.  A video is the answer to your marketing quandary.  An interesting video can mean the difference between a visitor staying or leaving.  Reading lengthy text requires an active commitment, but watching a video is a simple, passive activity that most visitors are willing to do.  Furthermore, a video automatically attaches some credibility to your site.  Someone who is willing to spend time on a quality video is unlikely to be running a time-wasting spam site.  A video can also be a better platform to demonstrate what a product can do.  The simple presence of a video will grab the attention of visitors and give your site a little more weight in their eyes.

A video can present a lot of information in a short amount of time.  You can summarize an entire sales page or site in a short video.  That way your visitor is introduced to the pivotal information about your product or service while the visitor’s interest level is still high.

A verbal message is also more understandable to many people.  No text can explain the cleaning capacity of a vacuum or the online power of new software as well as watching the process in action.

A video can help your site connect with future clients and customers.  Videos are great introductory tools to put a face and voice behind a name.  When visitors see you as a regular person, their trust factor rises.

By showing your product on the screen, you will prove to viewers that you are believable.  They can literally see the product doing what you said it would do.  It’s almost like testing it out at home.

Some video software even enables you to show viewers how your online or computer program works by walking them through the actual process of you using the program on the video.  The more a person sees and the more intimately you can connect through the videos, the more you are building up brand recognition and a sense of a relationship with the company.  That person is more likely to purchase or enroll.

It’s time to bite the bullet.  Add a video to your site to grab attention, hold it long enough to share information, and create a sense of connection.  Your site’s popularity and profitability will both be on the rise.  The sooner you begin, the sooner you will succeed.

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