Retweeted Tweets Cause Tweets To Go Viral


Twitter is the home of millions of daily tweets.  This means millions of tweets are competing against each other, struggling for the attention of a particular group in Twitter.

If you wish for your tweet to stand out from among the competition, your best option is to get your tweet retweeted.  If your tweet is retweeted, then one or more of your followers has copied your tweet and sent it to all of their connections along with your information.  If you want your 140-character post to be seen by as many people as possible, retweeting is the way to do it.

The first step in getting retweeted is to build a good following.  These are the people you need in order to make your retweets happen.  For faster and more effective results, it is always advisable to build your base with people who share the same interests and passions as you.  If people can relate with your messages they will be more likely to provide you with retweets.  Think about it.  When did you last retweet an advanced calculus equation?

Shared passions will increase the commitment and interest of those who follow you.  A great way to see retweets is to first retweet comments you respect from other users.  As they learn you are legitimately interested in their tweets, they may themselves show interest in yours.

A rather fun, but challenging aspect of tweeting is the extremely short 140-character tweet limit.  Don’t make the job any more difficult by wasting your characters on unimportant information.  Even more limiting is that when retweeting, users often like to include other information following the post.  Try to keep your post down to 120 characters max.

By searching out keywords that are highly popular, you can increase your chances of being retweeted even more.  Obviously, packing as many keywords as possible into a tweet will take away its flow and meaning, and therefore its retweet potential.  Another key to retweets is to keep your posts short and sweet.  If something doesn’t have to be in your message, don’t include it.  Abbreviations, too many hashmarks, and misspellings should be avoided as much as possible.  Together these tips should launch you into a whole new world of retweeting.

Make sure your tweet of the day is relevant to the topics currently in vogue.  Increase your chances of being retweeted by tweeting about popular topics like celebrity news and major news topics.  Furthermore, you should also try to tweet your posts during the time when the most number of users are likely to be online.  You want to tweet your post during the highest traffic time of the day.  If your followers are not night owls, your midnight posts are going to go largely unseen.  Of course you can repost your message at a later time when the traffic is high, but retweeting the same messages continuously is a sure turn-off for most people.

Originality will help your tweets get noticed and encourage retweets.  Of course the tweet should also hold a high interest factor.  For instance, a tweet about your daily errands is likely to be ignored.  The tweets that have the best chance of being retweeted are often very funny and entertaining.  Look at each tweet topic from a creative perspective to maximize your retweet potential.

Retweets are a great way to find yourself with high follower numbers on Twitter.  You will need to take several important steps to ensure that your tweet and subsequent retweets are successful.  With a few well-chosen characters and a unique twist, Twitter can be your retweet playground.

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