How to Drive Traffic Through Online Forums

Online businesses and traffic generation go hand in hand.  There are many methods of generating free online traffic, including article submissions, link-building, and social bookmarking.  One of the best methods for establishing yourself as an authority in your field is using an online discussion board or forum.  Traffic is the inevitable result of establishing relationships within a forum.  With some basic guidelines, you too can be a forum expert.

When selecting a forum, focus on your niche market.  First, search online for forums that are related to your market.  Also listen to people within your niche talk about forums that may work for you.  Focus on one or two forums that will really address on your needs.  For example, if you are a motorcycle hobbyist who is committed to riding Indians, seek out an Indian forum or a general bike forum with an Indian topic board, but avoid the Harley forum.  The first discussion board is a lot more relevant to your site.  Make sure the forum you select has frequent conversations.  A forum with no members cannot possibly give you more traffic.  Limit yourself to one or two extremely relevant and active sites to reach people that are directly interested in your topic.  This will help you reach the best demographic in less time, so you can also focus on your site and other marketing needs.


After finding good forums based on your niche market, it is a good idea to learn more information about the discussions before you participate.  Some new members are so eager to get going within the forums that they immediately launch into discussions.  It is best to wait a bit before commenting, with the exception of an introductory post.  Learn how the forum works before joining in discussions.  Read the guidelines and regulations so your first post doesn’t end up with a rebuke.  Determine the tone of the conversations.  Is the site respectful or open to controversy?  For example, you don’t want to promote atheism on a Christian encouragement forum.  That would be against the purpose of the site and would not do well in establishing a positive reputation for you.  Once you know the ins and outs of the forum, start commenting.

Be a respectable and valuable member of the forum.  A lot of members join up solely to promote their own sites or products.  Of course, you want those forum benefits, but take advantage of its other perks as well, such as networking and establishing relationships.  When other participants discover you are in the forum for the sake of getting free traffic, they may not be interested in what you write or do.  Participate in a manner that benefits others.  The traffic will come eventually.

Work on a catchy signature.  It appears at the end of each post and will have a link to your site.  It may contain any other information you wish, within the guidelines of the forum.  When other participants are interested in your post, they may want to know more about you.  A simple click will take them wherever you direct your signature link.  This is how free traffic appears at your site.

Proper use of an online forum will help you increase your web traffic.  The information you learn while on the site will also help you grow within your niche.  Becoming known for something positive takes a while.  Remain upbeat and continue progressing.  Your journey into forums will work for you.

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